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 Galatians 5: 1

It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. 

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In what is the final lap of my life, I write to tell of Jesus Christ. 

 I am a writer innovating in the media to portray the mystery and the conflict of man's free will with God's holiness, justice and agape love.
Communicating how God calls and secures people for eternity, is a fascinating quest, and my endless labour of love





By Frank Raj

THERE is One called Christ and something called Christianity

Down the ages that clever suffix has misled all humanity

Confused, people have not unmasked the unholy conspiracy

THE gospel as 'Good News' was proclaimed in all simplicity

How then did Christian doctrine evolve into such complexity?

Jesus picked fishermen not chosen for their proud theology

CHRIST ignored the learned Pharisees so esteemed in His day

What He taught men the Apostles just referred to as 'The Way'

Not a religion, He granted direct access to God – come as you may 

SUCH divine privilege could have toppled Caesar's empire 

Constantine understood the opportunity to formally acquire

Roman control of men's beliefs and followed through to conspire

ROME designed a state religion and Christianity was crafted

The diabolical plot to exploit Christ as a prefix was grafted

Embracing the sacrilege the Church ever since has been shafted

GREAT Christian authors, preachers, and leaders unknowingly

Reinforce the satanic suffix, foolishly extending its legitimacy

Leaving men's faith impotent in a paper tiger called Christianity

THE Trojan Horse masquerades as the 'Church,' a great edifice

Enamored, the body of Christ is hypnotized, and transfixed

Religion blends easily with the Truth and Christ is eclipsed 

Why Am I Doing This?



I lost interest in religion when I realized people are people, not religious labels – Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Jews, Sikhs, Buddhists etc. The understanding came late in life but it changed me in ways I'm thankful for. 

It could not have happened if I was not convinced of the Way, the Truth and the Life. Only then did my religious walls self-destruct. I began noticing the spiritual dimension in all creation and the universal longing for the Truth sublimely expressed in poetry down the ages.

I was passionate,
filled with longing,
I searched
far and wide.

But the day
that the Truthful One
found me,
I was at home.

– Lal Ded (Kashmiri poet, 14th century)

[translated by Jane Hirshfield]


Are you following Christ or Christianity?

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